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    We have our roots in Denmark, our base in the UK, source many of our fragrances from the South of France and take inspiration from all over the world. We aim to fuse Scandinavian style and British creativity seamlessly. 

    Over time our business grew – along with our founder Bo's passion for fine fragrance - and soon he was supplying companies across the world with luxury home fragrance products. Our international relationship with suppliers allows us to bring you the best products and latest olfactory innovations.

    Scent is directly linked to our emotional connections and memories. The ritual of lighting a candle has been significant throughout history– it goes much further than just wax and wick.

    With award-winning designs, beautiful packaging, sustainable creation processes and fine fragrances sourced from the best locations around the world, we provide luxury products at fair prices that reflect the care, design and sustainability that goes into all of our products.

    Sustainability Manifesto

    We work ethically and sustainably across everything we do, using solar energy and recyclable products wherever possible, and believe that this is an essential part of doing business and doing good. We care deeply about the environment and are completely committed to this in the way we design, create and share our products.

    Let us take you on a journey of sensory discovery.